Wedding couple sat down for the meal at Borthwick Castle kiss captured from the minstrels gallery

Over the last few years, I have picked up a number of Fearless Photographers Awards. These awards span the globe. The founder of the awards describes Fearless Photography as breaking boundaries, thinking a little differently, breaking from the ‘norm’ of wedding photography.   Capturing unconventional moments, the emotion, the chaos and love of the wedding day. All in all, providing my couples with images that are unique, individual and totally awesome. I have put together my Top 5 Fearless Photographers Awards for you. Like what you see?  Then drop me a line as I’d love to chat more about you and your wedding. 


Top 5 Fearless Photographers Awards

When I took up Wedding photography a few years back, winning my first major photography award in 2015 made me so proud.  When I held that first trophy in my hand and travelled back on the train from London to York  I felt a sense of achievement. The industry rated my work, but most of all my Mum would now know that I had a ‘proper job’ after years of being a musician.

You don’t stop learning.  You keep creating and experimenting and wanting to be the best you can be.  Photography became more than just a ‘job’.  I have been fortunate to win a number of awards both nationally and internationally, but the need for awards became replaced by the fact I knew my couples loved my work.

Nothing can ever feel as uplifting as the fuzzy feeling when I get a lovely ‘thank you’ email or card from my couples.  When their friends get in touch and state that they ‘must book me’ for their big day. And when my couples invite me to document the next stage of their life with a family shoot. Wow. Seeing their family grow is so special.  Knowing that I can create memories for them that are so meaningful is really special.

To put it simply, I’m not in it for the awards and recognition.  It’s knowing that my couples have images that they will love forever that drives me.  Saying that, if I happen to pick up a couple of awards here and there on the way, even better!


My Top 5 Fearless Photographers Award-winning photographs

  1. Borthwick Castle Wedding, Scotland (above)

    Sarah and Andrew’s Christmas wedding was full of ambience. Festive decorations adorned the stone walls of the stunning Castle venue.   Finding a passageway to the balcony, I was able to get a shot of the room and had set up the lighting to highlight the couple.  When the right moment occurred – magic!

Father of the bride crying at an ipad

2. Ipad

This image comes with so much emotion.  On your wedding day not all the special people in your life can be there.  The father of the bride was able to talk to his own mother who was very ill in hospital. They managed to have a call just before the ceremony.

Teenage guests at wedding looking bored and girl losing a balloon

3.The Balloon.

I love watching the dynamics of people at weddings.  I often observe and never know if my patience will pay off. I love the range of emotions happening here. The key characters are all from the same family.

Wedding couple next to image of virgin mary and child

4. The none-portrait with a portrait!

Composition is so important.  I don’t pose my couples or direct. I just look for the opportunities.  The wedding couple mirroring the image of the Madonna and child caught my eye. I also love the fact they were taking a few moments away from their guests just to breath and take it all in. I didn’t want to disturb them, but I wanted them to remember this special moment.

Wedding couple kissing with a YAY balloon near them

5. Yay!

The first kiss is a special moment at any wedding.  I just chose my composition and position in a way that others may not have considered.  The couple were fun and quirky, and I knew they’d love the fact that their personalities were reflected in this photograph.

Wedding photography that is about you

So if you feel a little fearless and are happy to have the wedding you want, rather than the one tradition dictates, then opting for photography that is unique, creative and reflects what matters to you is so important.  I’d love to hear more about you both and what matters to you.  Drop me a line and I’ll send over some info.

You can see my most recent Fearless Award amongst the collection here.

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But if like me, it’s what the couples think that really counts, then read on….

“Andy came to France to capture our wedding day in June of this year. We cannot praise Andy as a person or his work highly enough. From start to finish (consult calls, staying long hours the day of the wedding ensuring to capture all types of shots, editing and printing afterwards etc..) he is a true professional. His work is outstanding and we now have such amazing memories of our special day, we cannot be happier with the end result. Our family and friends keep saying: ‘whatever you paid for Andy, it was well worth it’! That’s a real compliment.

Don’t hesitate to work with Andy, you won’t be disappointed, he is a lovely person, listens to what you’re looking for, makes you feel comfortable of the day (I hate getting my photo taken!) and the end result is of high quality”.

Andrea and Keith

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