Barbican Wedding Photographer

Barbican Wedding Photographer

The Barbican is one of the most unusual and unique venues in London for weddings. With it’s amazing Brutalist architecture on the outside, whilst inside there is a tropical oasis.  This is truly a contemporary and venue perfect for a forward thinking and modern couple.  I’d love to be your Barbican wedding photographer. To find out about my availability click here.

My style of photography is natural, documentary, with artistic touches.  I see wedding photography as one of the most important decisions you will make, therefore I strive to make sure all my couples have amazing images that they will treasure.  Photography for your wedding is the one thing that actually increases in value over time.  My aim is to show who you were on that day, how you felt, how you loved and were loved.

My aim is always to be unobtrusive.  You will be safe in the knowledge that I am always around capturing every moment that matters, whilst at the same time I won’t get in your way.  It’s important you focus on enjoying your day safe in the knowledge that I will be capturing the start of your new chapter in life together.  I don’t believe that photographers should direct the day.  I won’t ask you to do awkward poses or spend ages setting up staged shots.  I want you to be you, to have fun with those who you love.  This will make the perfect shots and the memories you will hold forever.  If time allows, we can slip away for a few minutes and get some epic portraits, but you’ll be back at the party before anyone misses you.

I’d love to be your Barbican Wedding Photographer, you can see more of my work on my website, Facebook and Instagram.

Barbican Wedding Photographer

The Barbican offers the Conservatory and Garden Suite to couples.  Choosing the conservatory means you can host a ceremony in this spectacular urban jungle.  The Garden Suite provides stunning views of the City of London and the Barbican Lakes.  This truly is an iconic venue.

I’m an award winning photographer based in the UK but shooting weddings all over Europe and further afield.  My most recent awards include Junebugs ‘Best of the Best Wedding Photographers 2016‘ where I sit beside some of the set photographers in the world.  The Masters of Wedding Photography Award for the UK and IE, Fearless Photographer Awards amongst others.  However, I can’t say this enough – whilst awards are nice, what really matters is making sure couples get photo’s from their wedding day that they love.

I’d love to be your Barbican wedding photographer. To find out about my availability for your date, click here.

 barbican wedding photographer

We heard so many stories from friends that had not quite received the service and expertise, along with quality, from their wedding Photographer, so we were so keen to get it right – Andy was amazing to say the least, from a 7am arrival through to a 2am finish, he captured every key moment of our wedding day. Some of the images he captured go beyond any of our expectations and we’re so glad that we had the opportunity to have him as our Photographer – he’s world class!

Mr Gavin Sung