Chateau Rigaud, France

Rebecca and Tom

Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer

One summer weekend in the Dordogne, surrounded by all their family and friends, Rebecca and Tom had the most perfect wedding. Chateau Rigaud, is an incredible place, but what really makes any wedding is the people, and Rebecca and Tom’s family and friends were genuinely beyond amazing. The couple made sure their 5 month old daughter was a key part of the day, treasured memories for them all. Heart-felt, real emotions, plus a vibrant energy and buzz. Great chat, real hugs and crazy dance floor antics. I loved being their Chateau Rigaud Wedding photographer. My wife and business partner, Abigail, was the videographer for the wedding and it was fun working together top create memories for Rebecca and Tom.

Take a look at some of the highlights of their wedding day, read a little more, and imagine your own Chateau Rigaud wedding – which I’d love to be involved in photographing it for you! Get in contact and I’ll send over my brochure that outlines everything you need to know. I can’t wait to hear from you!

“Go n-éirí an bóthar leat” – May the road rise up to meet you.

  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer
  • Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer

“We love your photography, it really does capture something awesome, and we have not seen it in other photographers”.

When an enquiry starts with this line, I knew that Tom and Rebecca’s celebration was something I wanted to be part of. Knowing that a couple values what you do and create for them meant that I was determined that the memories I created for them would tell their story.

Chateau Rigaud – Rebecca and Tom’s wedding

Of Indian and Irish origin, Rebecca had originally got in touch talking of potentially marrying in Ireland. Although the venue had yet to be decided, the one thing she had decided on was that she wanted me to photograph her and Tom’s wedding day. Dates and venues changed, but the couple’s love of travel meant that that they finally settled on the Chateau Rigaud, in the Dordogne region of France.

A combination of long summer days in France, Tom’s love of good wine and cheese, and finding the most amazing venue meant all pieces fell into place. Planning a wedding with a baby is no mean feat, but Tom and Rebecca were completely at ease with the owners of the Chateau Rigaud who were able to make sure all their needs were met, including providing a nanny for parts of the day.

The wedding morning

On Rebecca and Tom’s day, the bride and groom got ready in separate ares of the chateau, sharing childcare throughout the morning. Guests that were staying in the Chateau with the couple, made full use of the pool during the morning. Around late morning the pool emptied as guested started to prepare for the afternoon ceremony. Rebecca’s sister was over from Australia for the weddings, and the sisters enjoyed being able to spend time together over the last couple of days and for their children to start to get to know one another. Rebecca’s mother and close friends also helped the bride prepare in the morning, and took turns with childcare.

  • outdoor ceremony at chateau rigaud in france
  • bride walking down the aisle outdoor ceremony Chateau Rigaud
  •  Groom at the end of the aisle at outdoor ceremony Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and groom listening to reading during wedding ceremony Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and groom holding hands Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and groom wedding ceremony outdoors Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and groom walking back down the aisle after getting married Chateau Rigaud
  • Wedding guests with confetti Chateau Rigaud

The outdoor wedding ceremony

The main ceremony was held on the central lawn. Chairs were set out and some wonderful scenic touches were added such as a vintage bike, suitcases, and floral decorations. A drinks table was also fully stocked and ready to opened as the ceremony came to an end. Tom waisted at the end of the aisle with Amelie, the couples 8 month old daughter. Together they watched Rebecca leave the chateau main door and head to the central lawn. Rebecca’s father hadn’t been able to attend the wedding, but the bride walked confidently down the aisle to her groom and daughter. Their daughter stayed with them for the first part before going to grandparents.

The couple had chosen a celebrant and the ceremony included a traditional hand fasting. Readings came from both of Tom’s sisters, as well as Rebecca’s sister. The couple had written their own vows which included telling one another that they wouldn’t interfere with each others recipes. Tom would not meddle in Rebecca’s curry recipe and she would not change his lasagne recipe! That’s true love for you. I have a soft spot for weddings that have personalised readings and vows, so much more meaningful. and really about the couple not tradition.

  • Small boy at wedding Chateau Rigaud
  • Baby in a wheelbarrow of Champagne Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Bride and groom with baby at Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Groom and mother Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and bridesmaids Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Events barn inside Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Events barn wedding  meal Chateau Rigaud
  • Groom giving speech at events barn Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • bride giving speech and kissing groom at Chateau Rigaud weddin g
  • speeches at the events barn Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • guests at Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Brides veil at Chateau Rigaud wedding

The drinks reception

The ceremony was followed by traditional French accordion music and drinks in the area. The guests then moved to the terrace at side of the house where there was more shade, essential in the hot sun, where there was live music, a flowing bar and a range of h’orderves and stunning dishes

The main meal and speeches took place in the events barn. Long tables beautifully decorated with rustic minimalism, wonderful food and a range of heartfelt speeches from friends and family.

“I promise to be both on your side and by your side” – Tom to Rebecca.

The bride and groom both gave speeches, along with the groom’s parents and the brides mother. Tom’s two best men also delivered speeches. Just outside the events barn, the fully stocked bar and outdoor lounge area meant the guests spilled out to soak up the warm hazy evening vibe. As the sun started to get lower in the sky, it was the perfect time to slip off with the couple and make some portraits in the nearby fields.

  • Bride and groom as the sunsets in a field at Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and groom holding each other at sunset Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and groom  walking outside at the golden hour Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Wedding guests gathered outside the events  barn at Chateau Rigaud

The early evening and party

The barn was soon turned around and was ready for the evening celebrations

Guests headed outside to soak up the warm evening sun in the newly created lounge area with a Moroccan vibe. As they did, the venue staff tuned around the inside of the barn ready for the evening party. The croquembouche cake was something to behold and the top smashed off ceremonially by the couple! This cake smashing announced the start of the party! The evening kicked off with Tom’s friends playing the music. This was followed by a couple of traditional Ceilidh dances led by Rebecca;’s sister – a bit more chaotic then initially hoped!

Local band, Hicksville, played for most of the night, but the evening was brought to an end by the groom taking to the stage with his friends to perform a set. The bride also got up for a biut of tambourine shaking! Drinks, dancing, good music and limbo made for an amazing wedding party – but overall, great people. A fantastic wedding, an amazing couple and what a vibe!

  • Croquembouche wedding cake being cut by bride and groom Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride and groom first dance Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • band playing at Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Small child and wedding guest at Chateau Rigaud wedding party
  • Bride doing limbo at Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Guest having a drink poured on his head at Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Wedding party dancefloor Chateau Rigaud
  • Guests at wedding party Chateau Rigaud
  • Children on the dance floor Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Wedding party Chateau Rigaud
  • dancing at Chateau Rigaud wedding
  •  Chateau Rigaud wedding party
  • Bridesmaid dancing Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Dancefloor Chateau Rigaud wedding
  • Wedding band Chateau Rigaud photography
  •  Chateau Rigaud wedding photography
  • Bride and groom performing with wedding band Chateau Rigaud
  • Bride surrounded on the wedding dance floor Chateau Rigaud
  • night time view of Chateau Rigaud wedding

“I was excited about lots of parts of our wedding but your work really was right up there. Thank you again so much for agreeing to do our wedding, I hope you know just how grateful we really are”.

I’d love to be your Chateau Rigaud wedding photographer – get in contact and let’s chat! Finding the right photographer is so important.

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The Wedding team for Rebecca and Tom’s Chateau Rigaud wedding

It was a fantastic day and behind the scenes a team of great people helped make it happen!
Venue – Chateau Riguard
Wedding Planner – Anna from Chateua Riguard
Videography – Abigail Gaines (of Andy Gaines Photography)
Dress – Jesus Peiro from Miss Bush Bridal
Hair – Laura Cawte
Groom suit – Viggo
Flowers – Jill Davies at Chateau Rigaud
Catering – Chateau Rigaud Head Chef John Grabecki
Band – Hicksville

Why Chateau Rigaud is the perfect wedding venue

Chateau Rigaud is private hire wedding venue in Mouliets-et-Villemartin in the Dordogne region of France, the venue itself includes a large house, with rustic charm, yet all the modern conveniences you could ever need. A range of other buildings and outdoor spaces are also on hand to fully utilised by wedding guests make this venue a wedding dream. Add to that the sensational food, great staff, the French sun and the amazing atmosphere and ambience and the couple were onto a winning wedding!

Rebecca and Tom love adventure and travelling, and when they found Chateau Rigaud in France, they knew they had their wedding venue. People travelled from all over to be with Rebecca and Tom on their wedding day, and the couple made sure that their 8 month old daughter, Amelie, was fully involved in the celebrations. The venue was even able to provide a nanny so the couple could party the night away with their family and friends – and they made sure they did.

Getting to Chateau Rigaud

If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue in France, Chateau Rigaud comes up trumps. Located in the Loire Valley region of France, the nearest airport is Bordeaux and Begerauc isn’t too far away either. The nearest major cities to Chateau Rigaud are Tours and Poitiers, both of which have airports and train stations with connections to other parts of France and Europe.. The Loire Valley is also home to many other attractions, and is fondly known as Chateau region! Chateau Rigaud has all the beauty and rustic charm you could ask for and is located in such a scenic setting.

Facilities at the Chateau Rigaud for your wedding

Chateau Rigaud is an exclusive use venue that is fully-staffed. Once hired for your wedding it is your bespoke home. The venue has 13 double rooms for use by you and your guests. There is a fully catering team use of the kitchen, Booked in its entirety, Rigaud offers complete privacy from the outside world and is the perfect venue for weddings, house parties and very special luxury holidays. 

The chateau sleeps twenty six adults in thirteen luxury double bedrooms and suites. The main house includes bedrooms, the kitchen and dining rooms, communal spaces, a cinema, small gym, massage and treatment room, nursery and more! In the grounds are two swimming pools which guests can have full use of, there is also some play equipment for children on the centre lawn. Wedding ceremony’s can be held inside or out. The events barn accommodates 150 guests and is perfect for meals and your evening party. In the summer evenings, the venue provides a range of luxurious outdoor seating and lighting, all with a moroccan vibe. All this is set in 12 acres of very private landscaped gardens nestled amongst vineyard.

Chateau Rigaud Wedding Photographer

I love shooting at the Chateau Rigaud and would love to be your wedding photographer. I’m an award winning wedding photographer whop focuses on storytelling. I take a documentary approach to my photography – that means that it’s very natural and I capture things as they happen. I don’t direct or take over, i’m around to see how things unfold and create you meaningful images that you will love. Want to find out more about me photographing your wedding – get in contact and I’ll send over my brochure. I am based in the UK, but travel all over for weddings. My brochure will tell you more about my style and approach, shows a range fo packages for your to choose from, including adding videography if this is something that interests you. I can’t wait to hear from you!

I’d love to be your Chateau Rigaud wedding photographer – get in contact – I’d love to hear more about you both and your plans so far.