Hazel Gap Wedding Photography

Hazel gap Wedding Photography

The fact that Cripps Barn venues have started to head north is nothing but awesome!  Hazle Gap in Nottingham shire opened in 2017 and Healy Barn in Northumberland in 2016.  Rumours are that the awesome Cripps Barn team are soon heading to Yorkshire! As an award winning photographer, I’m happy to share my top tips on weddings, I get to go to rather a lot each year so I know a thing or two about weddings and what makes the best days.  The Cripps Barn Venues really are some of the best in the UK and I couldn’t recommend them more. I’d love to be involved in your Hazel Gap wedding photography,  to find out about my availability for your wedding, click here.

Hazel Gap Wedding Photography – the perfect venue

Hazel Barn is located on the Welbeck Estate, but isolated enough to make this venue truly yours on your wedding day.  A red brick farm building that features two stunning towers and an arched entrance really marks this venue out as something different from your ordinary barn venue!  The arch is perfect for statement entrances to the venue!

The farmhouse and barn are linked by the Oak room and it is perfect for not only ceremonies but also dining with its amazing natural light and fantastic views of the countryside.  You can choose to marry in either the oak room or the barn.  Later this becomes an awesome place for your family and friends to party the night away under the ambient lighting. The venue features a wonderful sheltered courtyard area adorned with a range of trees and plants, along with seating and a fountain.  At night this area is beautifully lit and the firepit adds extra warmth and light.

The Cripps Barn team really know how to create the perfect wedding venues.  They manage to perfectly marry rustic and contemporary.  The lighting inside and out is always exquisite and helps create the perfect atmosphere.  BBQs and fire pits also add to the perfection, allowing couples and their guests to utilise both the inside and outside space no matter the time of year, and the catering is just amazing! Find out more aboyt Hazel Gap Barn here

Hazel Gap Wedding Photography

Hazel Gap Wedding Photography – Story telling approach

I am an award-winning photographer who has had the pleasure of shooting at a range of Cripps Barn Wedding venues, and I’d love nothing more than to be involved in your Hazel Gap wedding photography.  I have a natural approach to photography and focus on telling the story of your day right from the first moments of the day to when the last guest leaves.  To me photography is about more than just the day, it’s about showing who you are and who matters to you.  It’s about creating a snapshot in time that you will remember forever. What is different about my work is my use of empathy, I really want to get to know you and how others see you and make sure I create images that reflect this perfectly.    If you’d like to see more of my work you can check out my website, Facebook page and Instagram.

I’d love nothing more than to hear about your plans for your big day and I’d love to be involved in your Hazel Gap wedding photography.  I only take on a limited number of weddings a year, to find out about my availability please click here.

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