Karoline & Espen


“Andy! The pictures are amazing!

We’re in Valencia for the weekend, when I saw your email.
We asked for the rest of the bottle of Rioja to go
and spent the night cuddled up in a huge hotel bed and relived the whole day again!

Thank you so, so much.”

Karoline and Espen…

 …chose to get married in their vibrant hometown of Oslo. The vibe was elegant and sophisticated, with a perfect blend of hip and totally awesome!

The morning’s torrential rain…

…failed to dampen the intimate ceremony that had taken place at the beautiful Akershus Slottskirke, a church located in the old fortress of Akershus Festning.  Only a limited number of weddings are held here, but Espen’s military past meant this totally unique and incredible venue was an option for them to hold their Oslo wedding. Whilst on holiday in Rome, Karoline found her awesome vintage dress (which was almost 100 years old) in a quaint vintage shop – and she looked the picture of grace and elegance. This vintage art deco theme was carried on in the reception, with palm leaves as decoration and champagne glass towers.  Sophistication with a touch of pure decadence (Leading into an epic party!).

  • oslo wedding photographer

oslo wedding photographer

Plenty of Norweigan wedding traditions were kept alive at the reception…

…Held at an amazing private apartment in one of Oslo’s suburbs. At this Oslo wedding, it seemed that nearly every guest managed to do a speech and share their love and advice for the couple. Various recurring traditions included male guests kissing Karoline every time Espen’s back was turned, Female guests kissing Espen when Karoline wasn’t around, Karoline & Espen kissing under the table every time people stamped their feet and the pair of them kissing whilst stood on their chairs every time people clinked their cutlery! Needless to say, there was a lot of kissing and it was a wonderful atmosphere, filled with pure love and joy!

As the sun began to set, cigars were passed around,  one of their friends hit the DJ decks, and the party continued well into the Norweigan night. Oh, and it turns out K&E can waltz. Like, really waltz – and to Leonard Cohen too – so they are winning on pretty much every level!

  • oslo wedding photographer

“Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on,

Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long,

We’re both of us beneath our love, we’re both of us above,

Dance me to the end of love…”

I’d love to return to Norway as an Oslo Wedding Photographer to document more weddings there. Either at  Akershus Festning wedding photographer or anywhere in the city or further afield. If your planning a wedding and looking for Oslo Wedding Photography, then get in touch! I’m an award-winning wedding photographer and I work all over Europe and beyond. I’d love to hear from you!