Top 25 wedding photographers in the world
– Fearless Photographers 2024

I am super excited to share that I have been named as a top 25 wedding photographer IN THE WORLD for the third year in a row! The world is a pretty big place, with a lot of people – and a lot of wedding photographers, so being named as one of the world’s best is truly amazing.

Being named by Fearless awards as one of the best photographers in the world means a lot because they recognise photographers who push the boundaries, see things differently, and are creative with their approach to wedding photography. Take a look at some of my award winning images from the last few years below, and do get in touch if you are looking for a wedding photographer who will creative you individual and meaningful images like no other.

Tribeca Rooftops, New York, USA
Fearless photographer ady gaines photography middleton lodge wedding
Middleton Hall, Yorkshire, UK
Fearless photographer andy gaines bride with child attached to dress

Fearless Photographer Awards

Fearless Photographers awards are sought after. They recognise photographers that are not afraid to push the boundaries of wedding photography – who are willing to take risks, to experiment with light and composition, see things a little differently, all in order to create couples the most amazing and unique wedding photographs.  A Fearless Photographer Award recognises the art of photography, the fact that beautiful distinctive images are created for couples that they will love and appreciate for years to come.

fearless photographer award borthwick castle andy gaines photography

I do have the best job in the world – hanging out with amazing couples and their family and friends on the best day of their lives, and knowing I capture images that my couples will love is what drives me. If I happen to pick up a few ‘best in the world’ awards on the way, then that’s an added bonus! Totally stoked to be names as one of Fearless Photographers Top 25 wedding photographers in the world.

Documentary Wedding Photography

My style and approach is best described as documentary wedding photography, though I tend to use ‘storytelling’ when describing what I do. I want to tell the full story of my couples day, and by capturing them, their family and friends all together celebrating I’m telling a story of about much more than one day – it’s about relationships, history and the future. Being documentary in approach means that i shoot most of the day this way – it’s natural and nothing is staged, I capture things as they happen. That often includes all the moments planned and those that weren’t – the latter usually being some of the best! Some of the images below that have won Fearless Awards show that approach where I’m socially observing and capturing things as they happen – things the couple may not have seen or noticed, but love looking back at.

Creative portraits – Fearless Photographers – Top 25 wedding photographers in the world

I do shoot most of the day in a documentary style, but if my couples are up for it I always aim to create a few creative portrait of them that are uniquely theirs – trying to capture their own personalities or the locations they chose for their wedding. I don’t really want to interfere in the wedding day, so I judge the day and what’s happening, and when the moment is right I ask the couple if they fancy slipping away for a few moments to create some portraits. This is a good way for the couple to spend a few moments together and breath and take in how awesome it is being married. It doesn’t take long to create some unique portraits and the couple are back in the middle of the celebrations before anyone has really noticed that they’ve gone!

Left bank leeds wedding photographer fearless award winner andy gaines

Moments that genuinely matter

What matters to you, matters to me. I want to get to know you both and what matters to you and I put my heart and soul into creating photographs of your wedding that really highlight who you are. I want each image to remember not just how you looked, but how you felt.

There will be so many little moments on your wedding day, the planned and the unplanned, and I’ll be there to capture them all.

Story telling wedding photography

I love telling the story of the wedding day through a series of photographs, but also sometimes one image can tell it;’s own story of a moment in time. Some of the award winning photographs features in this post do exactly that. Often some of the best couple portraits are the ones they didn’t know were happening – from the fist pumping pure joy at speeches, a sly kiss amongst a busy room, moments of genuine happy tears, sulky bored teens or grandparents, crazy dancefloor moves – often from those you’d never have expected to ‘own’ the dance floor, and more. I love watching for these little moments that make up the day.

One of my favourite award winning images is ‘Horse Head Boy’. I’d recognised a good scene, with guests having some symmetry as they ate on the wall outside, I was watching and waiting for a moment, and then along comes a boy wearing a horse head! It all fell into place. Looking for the composition, the lighting, and the moments are always key for me. It’s anticipating what could happen and making sure i’ve set things up to capture things as they do!

Fearless photographers andy gaines photography top 25 photographers in the world

Award Winning Documentary Wedding Photography

If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer who can capture your day naturally, yet creatively, then I’d love to hear from you. I shoot all over the UK and Europe, where ever you are getting married I can be there. Drop me a line and I’ll send over my brochure with more information and packages and pricing. I’d love to hear about you both and your plans so far! Get in contact.