A quick Google brings up hundreds of lists telling you the most important wedding photograph to have taken on your big day.  There is on big, hugely, massively important details that all these lists forget to mention. Your wedding photographs should be as unique and as individual, as you are.  They should capture you perfectly, show how you loved and were loved, and each time you look back at a certain image it should flood you should experience the most amazingly warm rush of happy memories.

As a photographer, I really aim to get to know my couples and what matters to them.  Therefore on their wedding day, I aim to shoot through their eyes and capture people how they see them.  In this way, the images created have meaning and bring back the emotions of the day.

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But don’t just take it from me. I have my favourite photographs from each wedding, but I also find it really interesting to ask my couples which are their favourite photographs from the wedding.  I love hearing why they choose the image they see as the most important wedding photograph.  Read on and find out what images of their day that couples really treasure.

The most important wedding photograph –Julie and Oren, New York, USA

The most important wedding photography


Julie and Oren got married at the awesome Tribeca in New York.  An image from their rooftop wedding where Oren is ‘high fiving’ as he and his new bride walk back down the aisle achieved acclaim in professional wedding photography circles, winning a Junebug Weddings award for Best Destination photography of the year for 2018  and being shared in print and online publications.  Obviously, Julie and Oren were also thrilled to see an image from their wedding shared all over the world, but I love what they have to say about their favourite wedding photographs a year on.

The most important wedding photograph – not always the ones most loved on social media!

“While this (above) might be the money shot, my personal favourite photo is the one of Julie above under the chuppah(below).  It truly captures her beauty and I will always cherish this photo and remember the heartwarming vows she made to me.”

The most important wedding photograph

Julie and Oren recently moved from New York to South Carolina and are now the proud, and tired, parents of a baby boy. They still managed to find time to share with me a range of photos showing all the wedding photographs they have had framed and mounted on the walls in their new family home.


“In truth, until this very day, we are soooo beyond happy with all of our photos”


The most important wedding photograph – the first look image brings back emotions

In the US ‘the first look’ is usual before a wedding.  A lovely tradition where the groom sees his bride for the first time, just the two of them.  They spend some time together before the ceremony and celebrations, just the two of them (and the unobtrusive photographer of course!)

“This photo showing the first reveal just captures how blown away I was by seeing Julie”

Th most important wedding photograph

With Julie and Oren, the first look was followed by a walk around the nearby streets.  New York was such an important city to both of them and had played a huge part of their lives.  Getting images with the urban backdrop they loved and felt was part of who they are was a must.

“We love this photo, as it captures our life in NYC and the location of the wedding, and is so gritty yet so romantic and intimate”. 

The most important wedding photograph



The ceremony took place on the Rooftop of Tribeca in Midtown New York.  The panoramic views of the city was the perfect backdrop to their Jewish wedding ceremony;

“This image just comes across as so vibrant and really made us feel like we can visualize our vows under the chuppah.  This photo captures our true joy”.

The most important wedding photograph






The celebrations continued inside the venue:

“In Judaism, the timeless Hora represents a very moving part of the Jewish wedding, and this photo from above of us really helped to capture us, our loved ones around us, and just instil a sense of joy. We loved how this captures the entire bridal party”.


The most important wedding phtograph

Julie and Oren were clear that they loved the documentary approach but also really valued group and portrait shots.  Group photos showing their family and friends was an important part of their wedding coverage. We managed to achieve these shots in a relatively short space of time so that there wasn’t much waiting around and they could get on with the amazing wedding day.

The most important editing photograph

“We loved our candid photos, and loved incorporating some of the group shots and while it was staged had a sophisticated feel to it.”


Julie and Oren’s day was simply amazing, and the invite to breakfast with their friends and family the next day was the icing on the cake.  Great company and great coffee. Spending time getting to know my couples and what really matters to them is what makes me tick, it’s what makes my photography come alive.  It was so amazing to be part of Julie and Oren’s day and document the start of their new chapter together.


“The most important element we cherish about our experience with working with Andy was how easy he made it.  It was all easy breezy and no pressure, and the entire time he just worked his magic and used his artistic creativity to capture our special from such a unique perspective. We’re honoured he flew to NYC to document our day, truly.

Oren and Julie



The most important wedding photograph 

If you are getting married and are looking for the perfect wedding photographer, then drop me a line – I’d love to hear about you both and what matters to you.  I only take on a limited number of weddings each year and I’d love yours to be one of them.  For my brochure outlining my packages and what I offer, get in touch here.

Thank you to….who helped out as my second photographer on Julie and Oren’s special day.


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