Well – thank you 2015 – You were awesome!

Can’t quite believe i have now been shooting weddings for 4 years – such an amazing ride! This year started on a high when I was awarded the title of Best Wedding Photographer in England at ‘The Wedding Industry Awards’. The awards are the biggest and most prestigious of their kind in the UK and to be recognised both by my couples, and also my peers, with the title of best wedding photographer of 2015 was awesome and humbling!


Best Wedding Photography of 2015

Since then I have travelled the world documenting weddings, teaching workshops and speaking at various conferences and events. 2016 looks set to be just as good and I cant wait to get stuck in! A huge shout out has to go to my NineDot buddies/awesome photographers: Adam Johnson, Rahul Khona & Mick Shah – not only for their help, guidance and inspiration, but also for being part of the awesome NineDots journey we embarked upon back in February. The NineDots Gathering in November was beyond epic, and we have lots more plans for the future!

Although the award and recognitions are nice, the more I do this crazy science-art i get to call my job, the more I realise that what really matters are the people who you are making these images for. So if anything, this post is one huge thank you to those couples who trusted in me to come along on the biggest day of their lives, and let me in to craft their story with my camera. YOU ROCK! ALL OF YOU!

So, enough chatter, hope you all enjoy a few of my favourite moments and images from this last year!

Best Wedding Photographer 2015 – see more of my work here


Great work, massive respect.

Incredible work Andy. Big admirer . Couldnt possibly pick a fave out of all those. Well done

Stunning work

Love your work so much dude, completely smashed it as per usual!

Absolutely incredible. Can’t believe I’ve just seen this blog post!! Wow.

KABOOM! Just flipping mind blowingly creative stuff Andy!

[…] “This image, of Sarah & Nathan’s first kiss has to be one of my favourite wedding shots from 2015. It’s always hard having to pick a favourite from your babies, but I love that fact it is a different viewpoint from the usual ‘safe’ first kiss shot, and that it incorporates some of their amazing DIY wedding decor in the Yay! ballon. Always being on the lookout for interesting shots, angles and ways of including different elements in a scene is one of the things I love when shooting weddings – and it means every wedding is always new and exciting to photograph” – Andy – View The Full Wedding […]

Mentally good mate!!!! Mentally good!

Michelle Davey-Carter

Only seen a few of the photos of Nathan and Sarahs “do”, what I have seen are amazing. True craftsman.

Amazing! So glad we were able to be part of it. X

awesome work!! Well done

Amazing year Andy, well done dude:) Favourite shot, ah don’t be silly, too many to choose from;)

Mind: blown. An unstoppable, relentless parade of awesome.

Bloody hell these are good!! Hard to believe how your work just continues to get even better and better!

Incredible stuff

There are so many shots here that made me think “I wish I’d taken that”. A truly great year.

Nice one Andy great stuff!

One word… Amazing!

Pure eye candy all the way through. Each and every single image, all incredible in such unique ways. Amazing Andy!

Blown away! 🙂

So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so so sososososososo GOOOOOOOOD. So good. And I’m in it, which makes it even better. x


Maaaaaaaaan. Smashed it.

That is ouchy good Andy. Love the two men with their hands up but it is all good. Yay!

Flippin genius mate. Saw all these at togfest and bloody loved seeing em again today. Awesome stuff.

Some truly epic shots. What a fantastic year!

An utter joy to scroll through this mate, it was a real feast for the eyes!!!! Well done fella, big love, and look forward to seeing you later on in the year.

World class Gaines you bloody bad ass!!!

wooohaaa, what a set buddy! love the way how you catch the moments so perfectly! Creativity and framing level master!

Great years work!

Awesome work, you photography ninja.

What a year. What a photographer. Absolutely chuffin brilliant.

Incredible Andy. Just incredible.

Insanely good mate! what a year!

Great work .. stunning selection. Chapeau

What a ride! Awesome shot after awesome shot, loved looking through. x