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Andy Stones is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, born and raised in Yorkshire's capital city, York. He started playing the guitar and writing songs at the age of 14, and now, almost 16 years on, Andy has gained a wealth of experience playing the acoustic music scene all around the north of England. He has made various appearances on local and regional radio as well as performing at The BBC's Television Centre, as part of a band drafted in for a well known TV show's wrap-party.


Andy's first solo album "Not Before Time", went on sale in January 2009. It is a collection of ten of his favourite original songs, from a period spanning around 4 years previous. Much of his time has always been spent cramming in as many of his life's passions as possible - not only music;



"Putting an album together isn't a five minute job! For me, if you're going to do do something at all, then it has to be done properly, to the very best of your abilities at that time. You can't rush an album or you'll regret it in the years to come. There are so many things in life I love doing, so admittedly music has sometimes been put on a back burner, while going off travelling or working on other projects, or even just taking time out to recharge the batteries. But the great thing about this is, that although many loves have come and gone - playing music is the one that has stayed with me through everything. A certain cliche about variety springs to mind, and it definitely works for me!"



Andy is now back in the UK fresh from a winter break, and highly motivated towards his 2011 musical calendar. He has freshly recorded a new 3-track CD as a little taster of the songs to come. The CD is a preview of 2 songs from his forthcoming album and features him playing guitars, drums and Charango (small Latin American mandolin), with Christian Topman playing double bass;



"I just love playing music with Christian. He's got such a great ear and feel for my music and he's very meticulous about the bass parts. He'll tell me if I'm playing crap as well which is essential! We're both massive fans of the John Martyn/Danny Thompson sound so it works very well for both of us. I can wait to get recording an album together."



The third track is a little one-off bonus addition; a cover of the 1962 country song "Devil Woman" by Marty Robbins, one of Andy's favourite songs.

The forthcoming album will be a collection of his best songs written over the last two years, having taken the time to play the songs around and find out which ones his audiences seem to like the most.



"This album is a real milestone for me. I'm really proud of the songs that are going on it and my playing has definitely improved loads. Most of the songs are still influenced by similar experiences, but I feel my writing has matured a lot and the songs generally have a more uplifting and optimistic feel about them. I appear to be getting happier, the older I get! Perhaps I'm not going to turn into Victor Meldrew after all..."




Andy Stones has played shows with the likes of:


The Martin Simpson Trio
Heidi Talbot/Boo Hewerdine/John McKusker
Phil Beer (Show of Hands)
Ben Ottewell (Gomez)
Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds
Clive Gregson
Shed Seven
Chris Helme (The Seahorses, The Yards)
John Otway
Edwina Hayes
Steve Tilston
Mark Morris (The Bluetones)
Keith James and Rick Foot ("The Songs of Nick Drake")






Clive Gregson (particularly 'Home and Away' album, with Christine Collister)
John Martyn (particularly London Conversation, Solid Air)
Paul Simon
Suzanne Vega
Joni Mitchell (Blue)
Eric Clapton (Unplugged - I learned every song on it!)
Shawn Colvin (Cover Girl)



"I've nicked bits of various people's guitar styles, mainly from the early British Folk Scene. Richard Thompson, John Renbourn, John Martyn, Nick Drake, Nic Jones, Clive Gregson to name a few. Recently though, I'm probably more influenced by local musicians and people I've been lucky enough to gig with."



"If I could choose to do a gig with anyone today, I'd have to say either Tom Baxter or Scott Matthews. They're both amazing songwriters, guitarists and have equally brilliant voices. All-rounders I suppose you could say. And if I had to pick one 'unsigned' act to shout about, it would be Dan Wilde. He's a singer/songwriter from Blackpool, now living in Cambridge. He sent me a copy of his new album and it totally blew me away."



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